Bigfoot, also known as The Yeti, is the final animal available to hunt in Carnivores Ice Age, and the first secret animal to feature in the franchise. It costs 1000 points to hunt, and is based off the various ape-homonid legends from around the world (specifically the Bigfoot/Sasquatch of North America and the Yeti of the Himalayas).
Status Secret Meat
Dangerous? Extremely Dangerous
Carnivores Ice Age
Health 18
Points 50

Carnivores Ice Age Edit

In the original Carnivores Ice Age, this creature is called Bigfoot, and is named a 'secret bonus animal' until unlocked at 1000 points.

Carnivores Ice Age (mobile) Edit

In the mobile port of Carnivores Ice Age, the animal is named The Yeti, and is not hidden from view until unlocked like in the original game.

Gallery Edit

Yeti kill

BigFoot Smashing Hunter


BigFoot Roaring