The Tapejara

The Tapejara was a prehistoric flying reptile, much like the Pteranodon.

Carnivores Cityscape Edit

In Carnivores Cityscape, Tapejara fly around the skies, and can be shot, but pose no threat. They nest in the power generator. It is about the same size as Pteranodon and larger than Dimorphodon. They are found in almost every level. It has the same roll as Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, and Archaeopteryx. Its physical features include a trapezoidal crest, two large wings, and an oddly shaped beak.


  • The species in the game is Tapejara imperator, which has recently been reclassified under its own genus called Tupandactylus. However, at the time of the game's release this creature was considered a species of Tapejara.
  • The Tapejara, upon death, experiences some obvious model distortion; with some polygons in the model clipping through other parts or being greatly stretched out.

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