The Styracosaurus was a medium-sized ceratopsian dinosaur that roamed from Canada to Montana. It is easily recognized by its huge nose horn and spiked frill.

Primal Prey Edit


Styracosaurus from Primal Prey

In Primal Prey, the Styracosaurus is available to hunt early on, and is the first dangerous herbivore available to hunt (chronologically). They almost always travel in herds unless wounded, and the herds have a nasty habit of gathering around the entry portal. A Styracosaurus can weigh anywhere from 5,100 to 6,500 lbs. They are common targets for utahraptor and tyrannosaurus. They can often be found by lambeosaurus and occasionally triceratops.

Gender differencesEdit

  • Male- longer frill spikes; brightly colored blue and yellow frill decorations. A star requires at least 5,300 lbs.
  • Female- short spikes; dull, grey frill. A star requires at least 6,300 lbs.

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