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Shark! Hunting the Great White is a hunting game published by WizardWorks Software. It replaced dinosaurs with sharks and was developed by Sunstorm Interactive, the developers of Primal Prey. Despite its name featuring just the great white, several other species were featured to hunt. There are areas ranging from the dark and murky to the clear and less murky. The player can choose which diving suit/flippers to wear, which oxygen tank to use and what speargun/bangstick to use when they are about to start hunting the sharks. There is a Career Mode in the game where the player has to kill sharks in order to pass to the next mission and unlock new equipment. There is also a Random Mission where the player is free to choose the area they want to hunt, the number of sharks range randomly from 1 to 3. Reef and small to medium sharks will always spawn in shallow and reef areas and medium and large sharks will always spawn in deep and dark areas.

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