My name is Tran Minh Triet, I'm a Carnivores series player. Also, I'm a dinosaur expert. The reason I write this page is to tell you (All the carnivores series players in the world) about the truth about the Allosaurus in the Carnivores series. The Allosaurus in the Carnivores Series is not Allosaurus! It's Herrasaurus!

You might be surprised to know why and here are the evidences:

1) A real Allosaurus is as big as a Carnotaurus not as big as a small carnivore dinosaur.

2) A real Allosaurus has two tiny horn on it's head.

3) A real Allosaurus's nose is pointier than the one in the Games.

4) The Herrasaurus's nose is like a rectangle's edges.

5) A real Allosaurus is bigger than a Stegosaurus. (Watch the Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter! you will a Allosaurus walk across a Stegosaurus at 0:33-0:36. It's smaller than a Stegosaurus!)

I really post some pictures and videos to show you more evidences but I don't know how to post pictures and videos on this wiki, sorry! But please trust me! I

Edit: It was never a Herrasaurus, but It was originally going to be a Raptor of some kind and Herrasaurus is not a Raptor. Case closed

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