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Debug mode is the master cheat in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, and Carnivores Ice Age. In the first game, it is entered with the key sequence D+E+B+U+G+O+N ("debugon" or "debug on"), whereas the latter two games use D+E+B+U+G+U+P ("debugup" or "debug up"). In all three games, entering the cheat a second time deactivates it.

Effects Edit

Once entered, debug mode has the following effects on the hunter:

  • invincibility to drowning or lava (dinosaurs can still kill the hunter)
  • partial invisibility - herbivores will still sense the hunter and run away if you get too close to them, and carnivores sense the hunter but don't really react to you
  • infinite ammo

In addition, debug mode allows the other cheats in Carnivores to be activated. These cheats require debug mode to be activated first in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores Ice Age, as well, but cheats new to these games do not.

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