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"Carnivores: Ice Age" redirects here. For the iOS remake, see Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS).
Canivores Ice Age

Carnivores Ice Age cover art.

Carnivores Ice Age is the third installment in the Carnivores series. It was released for the PC on January 15, 2001, and an iOS remake was released February 7, 2011.

Gameplay Edit

For the Ice Age sequel, the storyline is an addition to the original storyline. DinoHunt Corp. scientists discover Ice Age animals living in the Arctic regions of planet FMM UV-32 and they set up a separate hunting program for big game living there. It also features better gameplay and a new supply drop feature, which can be used once per hunt and refreshes the player's supplies. One more addition is the existence of a "secret animal" that can be unlocked by obtaining 1,000 points.

Areas Edit

Animals Edit

Carnivores Ice Age features Pleistocene animals. The animals featured are:

Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS) Edit

Main article: Carnivores: Ice Age (iOS)

Carnivores Ice Age was ported to iOS on February 7, 2011. The port has the same relocate feature as Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, but is missing the survival mode.


  • As featured in the Wizard Works Outdoors Complete Software Collection, Carnivores Ice Age featured a slightly altered title design. The blood-styled lettering of "Carnivores", instead of red, is the same light blue color of the "ice age" displayed underneath. The title also featured a "3" designed like the "2" of Carnivores 2, although the "3" is a light blue color.
  • Other than the different animals, locations, equipment, and the new "Supply Drop" feature, this game is basically the same as Carnivores 2, featuring virtually identical graphics and similar AI.
  • All of the animals in Carnivores Ice Age are capable of killing the Hunter.

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