Carnivores 2 Coverart

Carnivores 2 jewel case cover art.

Carnivores 2 (Хищники 2 in Russian, also called Carnivores II, and frequently shortened to Carn2 or C2) is the sequel to Carnivores, and the second game in the Carnivores series. Its storyline is almost identical to Carnivores', and the game gives the impression that DinoHunt Corp. has found new areas and dinosaurs and built new technology. The game was released on October 31, 1999 for the PC.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay in Carnivores 2 is very similar to that of Carnivores, except that Carnivores' ranking system has been replaced by a point system in Carnivores 2 (the point system isn't new to Carnivores 2, it was just hidden behind Carnivores' ranking system such that when a player accrued a certain number of points, they gained a rank). The player starts with 100 points which are depleted as the player selects an area and one or more dinosaurs and weapons. In addition, the player may choose what time of day to hunt, from dawn, day, or night. The only difference between each time of day is the atmosphere; carnivores, for instance, are just as active during the day as at any other time.

Animals Edit

Image Name Description Sight Smell Hearing Cost Points
Moshops Moshops A small, green, four-legged reptile.
Galimim Galimimus A small, herbivorous two-legged dinosaur.
Dimorphodon Dimorphodon A small, brown, flying reptile.
Pteranodon A small, gray, flying reptile.
Dimetrodon A small, brown, four-legged reptile with a sail on its back.
Brachiosaurus A large, long-necked herbivorous dinosaur.
Carnivores 2 DINO1.TGA Parasaurolophus A medium-sized, brown-and-tan two-legged herbivorous dinosaur with a long, thin crest protruding from the back of its head. Average Excellent Excellent 10 5
Carnivores 2 DINO2.TGA Ankylosaurus A small, gray, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur covered with armor-like bony plates and knobs. Average Low Excellent 15 6
Carnivores 2 DINO3.TGA Stegosaurus A medium-sized, green, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with twin rows of diamond-shaped plates running down its back and two pairs of spikes on its tail. Average Low Excellent 20 7
Carnivores 2 DINO4.TGA Allosaurus A small, dark-brown, two-legged carnivorous dinosaur. Average Excellent Low 30 10
Carnivores 2 DINO5.TGA Chasmosaurus A large, green, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur with a frilly crest on the back of its head and three horns on its face.It replaced Triceratops. Low Average Average 50 9
Carnivores 2 DINO6.TGA Velociraptor A small, orange-and-red striped, two-legged carnivorous dinosaur with a sickle claw which can be drawn back on each foot. Average Excellent Excellent 100 12
Carnivores 2 DINO7.TGA Spinosaurus A medium-sized, green, two-legged carnivorous dinosaur with a large sail on its back. Average Excellent Average 250 15
Carnivores 2 DINO8.TGA Ceratosaurus A large, green-brown, two-legged carnivorous dinosaur with two short horns on its head. Average Excellent Average 300 18
Carnivores 2 DINO9.TGA T-Rex A large, dark-green, two-legged carnivorous dinosaur. Excellent Excellent Excellent 500 25

Areas Edit

Image Name Description
Carnivores 2 AREA1.TGA Delphaeus Hills The smallest island on the tour. The rolling hills surround an enormous bay. Impassible mountains make deadly traps for the unwary. In the center of the island is a large chasm of unknown origin, and the deserted remains of an archaeology outpost.

Mild difficulty.

Carnivores 2 AREA2.TGA Fort Ciskin A good sized area consisting of dense pine forests encircling a murky swamp. In the southwest corner lies an abandoned settlement guarded by a towering "Dinosaur Wall", that now lies in ruins from the fury of a T-Rex.

Mild difficulty.

Carnivores 2 AREA3.TGA Vengar Fjords Lush pockets of vegetation, and thousands of inlets cover this area. This beautiful but treacherous piece of land includes an ancient volcano. Be careful when wandering the virtual maze of water and mountains created by glaciers millions of years ago.

Intermediate difficulty.

Carnivores 2 AREA4.TGA Manya Jungle Ringed with snow-capped mountains, this hunting area is rumored to be a nesting ground for some of the larger dinosaurs. Muddy marshes to the southwest, and a long abandoned "Dinosaur Wall" make this one of the most mysterious areas on the tour.

Intermediate difficulty.

Carnivores 2 AREA5.TGA Mount Ravan This island, broken by waterways and mountains is the most difficult by far. The frozen peaks of Mt. Ravan overlook a thick tropical forest that may quickly become a deadly maze where hidden danger abounds. Be careful of the active lavaflow to the south as well.

Advanced difficulty.

Ingame Items Edit

Weapons Edit

Image Name Description
Carnivores 2 WEAPON1.TGA Pistol This weapon has fast shooting rate, but its accuracy declines depending on the range of shot. It is very good for close combat, but its lame for shooting a distant targets. The pistol will scare plant eaters, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.
Carnivores 2 WEAPON2.TGA Shotgun This is a very powerful weapon that uses buck-shot bullets as an ammunition. The grouping of shots decreases on farther distances. Shooting from this weapon requires less precise aiming due to its grouping of shots.
Carnivores 2 WEAPON3.TGA DB Shotgun This weapon is same as shotgun, but can make two shots almost simultaneously. However, it makes a lot of noise, so it will scare all plant eaters and some small carnivores, causing them to run away.
Carnivores 2 WEAPON4.TGA X-Bow This weapon has two target areas, called aiming pins. The top pin is sighted in for 40 meters, and the bottom pin is sighted for 80 meters. It is relatively silent, and can be shot several times without alerting dinosaurs.
Carnivores 2 WEAPON5.TGA Rifle The target area for this weapon is the center of the sighting circle. Although powerful, aim your shot well. The shotgun will scare plant eaters, causing them to scatter, but the noise will alert dangerous carnivores.
Carnivores 2 WEAPON6.TGA Sniper rifle This weapon is very accurate, and will shoot exactly where the crosshairs are placed. Its range goes as far as the binoculars, but is narrow. This is not a weapon for a charging meat eater, but fantastic for distance shots.

Equipment Edit

Image Name Description
Tranquilizer Tranquilizing a dinosaur is an alternative to killing it. This will drop the dinosaur where it stands with a quick-acting drug. Use of the Tranquilizer adds 25% to your total points acquired during that hunt.
Observer mode Observer mode allows you to simply observe the behavior of dinosaurs and learn the layout of levels.
Carnivores 2 EQUIP1.TGA Camouflage This special suit decreases the dinosaur's ability to detect you through sight. Use of the Camouflage deducts 15% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Carnivores 2 EQUIP2.TGA Radar This allows you to view the dinosaur locations on the map during your hunt. A dinosaur is depicted on the map as a green dot. Your location is shown as the red dot with the circle surrounding it. Please note that the map shows only the dinosaurs you are hunting. All other dinosaurs are masked. Use of the map deducts 30% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Carnivores 2 EQUIP3.TGA Cover scent This item allows you to mask your scent from all dinosaurs reducing the likelihood of you being spotted. Use of the Cover Scent deducts 20% from your total points acquired during that hunt.
Carnivores 2 EQUIP4.TGA Double Ammo It doubles the amount of ammunition for every weapon during the hunting session.

Cheats Edit

Carnivores 2 features a number of cheats, including all those provided in Carnivores. Cheats which are inherited from Carnivores require debug mode to be active.

Name Key sequence Description
Debugup D+E+B+U+G+U+P Also called Debug Mode, debugup is the "master cheat" for Carnivores 2 and equivalent to debugon in Carnivores. When entered, it causes all dinosaurs to ignore the player (to a certain extent), as well as granting the player infinite ammo and invincibility to drowning or burning (note that the player can still be killed by dinosaurs). Like all cheats, it can be deactivated simply by re-entering it.
Fly Mode Shift+L Allows the player to fly.
Slow Motion Shift+S Slow motion.
No Models Shift+M Toggles rendering of all object models, including trees, bushes, rocks, and buildings. Disabling models can significantly improve game performance on slower systems.
Gour Mapping Shift+G Toggles gouraud shading, a type of lighting effect which is seen most prominently on the player's gun.
Phong Mapping Shift+P Toggles phong shading, a type of lighting effect which is seen most prominently on the player's gun.
Env Mapping Shift+E Toggles environment mapping.
Fog Mode Shift+F Toggles rendering of fog.
Frame Rate Shift+T Displays the frame rate.
Shadow Mode Shift+C Toggles rendering of shadows.
Invincibility/Invisibility Shift+I This cheat is listed on many cheat sites, but does not work. It likely originated from someone using debug mode and accidentally hitting the "I" key, causing some debug text to appear in the corner where cheat text normally appears.
Super Run Ctrl Causes the player to run at superhuman speeds. When combined with the Jump button (default [Space Bar]), it allows the player to jump very high and far.

File formats, files, and extensions Edit

Carnivores 2 uses a handful of file formats for its data. It also uses several custom file extensions for standard formats, and several configuration/log files.

  • Truevision TGA ("Targa"); raster image format used for the menu screens
  • WAV; audio file format used for the various in-game sounds
  • 3DF; raw data format used for the sun, wind dial, and some other objects
  • CAR; raw data format used for the animals, weapons, and some other objects
  • Carnivores 2 MAP; raw data format used for the areas
  • Carnivores 2 RSC; raw data format used for the areas and containing much of the raw information and the objects
  • RAW; headerless grayscale bitmap image file used to delineate selectable areas on menus
  • Carnivores 2 SAV; raw data format used for savegames
  • TXM; text file used for metric descriptions
  • TXU; text file used for United States/imperial descriptions
  • NFO; text file used for item descriptions
  • _RES.TXT; configuration file
  • carnivor.log; one of two log files generated by the game
  • render.log; one of two log files generated by the game


The gaming websites IGN and GameSpot both gave Carnivores 2 ratings of 7.4 out of 10.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Edit

Carnivores 2 was ported to iOS and Android devices under the title Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter in 2010 and 2012, respectively. The game features all of the same aspects of Carnivores 2 except for a necessary change in controls and a HUD change, as well as the Double Ammo equipment being removed and the extra ammo simply being added to the weapon's total ammunition. The game has since been released for the PS3, PSP, and has been greenlit on Steam.

It also features a new mode known as Survival Mode. In this mode, you are required to shoot waves of dinosaurs that charge at you and try to survive as many waves as you can. The port also features new dinosaurs, maps, a new weapon, a new trophy room, a Night Mode without the use of Nightvision, a Camera, and improved graphics. The PS3 and PSP versions also feature an exclusive weapon.

External links Edit

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