Brachiosaurus as seen in Rexhunter99's C3dit program

Status Ambient herbivore
Dangerous? No
Carnivores 2
Length 9.60–16.80 m (32.00–56.00 ft)
Weight 5.76–17.64 T (6.35–19.45 t)
Health 1024
Points 0[n 1]

Brachiosaurus was a very large sauropod dinosaur. It is the largest animal in the Carnivores series, featured in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and cannot be visibly killed. It is usually found in or very near water, eating aquatic plants.

Biology Edit

The Brachiosaurus is the largest and heaviest known animal to ever walk FMM UV-32. This animal is so large that it is nearly unharmed when shot by the hunter. This massive animal is different from other large plant-eating Sauropods, as it possess longer forelegs than hind legs and spends a majority of its time in water, browsing on aquatic plants.

Killing Edit

Carnivores 2 - What Happens When You "Kill" a Brachiosaurus02:46

Carnivores 2 - What Happens When You "Kill" a Brachiosaurus

Video demonstrating killing the Brachiosaurus. See the video's description for more info.

The Brachiosaurus can be killed, though trying without modding or using debug mode will only result in wasted ammunition, as its health is set in _RES.TXT to 1024. Even after it is finally killed, the animal will continue moving due to the lack of a death animation in its CAR file. Other effects of its death include:

  • Its shadow disappears.
  • Its information no longer appears in the hunter's binoculars.
  • Like all ambient animals, when a Brachiosaurus is killed, another one is spawned within the hunter's view range.

Trivia Edit

  • Many cheat sites claim that Brachiosaurus can be unlocked in Carnivores, often along with Seismosaurus, and that the only way to kill it is by shooting it in the rear with an X-Bow. While this isn't true, an early sales brochure for Carnivores listed Brachiosaurus as a secret unlockable animal, along with a rocket launcher and a "training level".
  • Brachiosaurus may have been originally planned as a pointable animal; if so, it may have been changed to an ambient animal because it would have been too hard for the the hunter to kill. On the other hand, the fact that it is incredibly slow and harmless may have made Brachiosaurus too easy to hunt, and not challenging enough to give the hunter points.
Carnivore Dinosaur Hunter art

Title art from Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. Three Brachiosaurus are visible in the background to the right.


A Brachiosaurus trio in Manya Jungle

Notes Edit

  1. Unlike other ambient animals, which simply omit the property, Brachiosaurus' basescore property is specified as 0 in _RES.TXT, pointing to the fact that it was originally planned as a pointable animal.

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