Official Action Forms Carnivores Ice Age render

Status Pointable carnivore
Dangerous? Yes
Carnivores Ice Age
Carnivores Ice Age Bear
Carnivores Ice Age Bear call
Length 3.60–6.30 m (12.00–21.00 ft)
Weight 1.60–4.90 T (1.76–5.40 t)
Health 15
Points 25
Cost 500
Spawns when not hunted? no

The bear is a large carnivorous animal in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age.

Carnivores Ice Age Edit

Although it is the second-to-last carnivore available to hunt in Carnivores Ice Age (which would suggest that it is very dangerous), the bear is a very shy predator. It is called "extremely dangerous", but it is perhaps the least aggressive carnivore in the game. The bear behaves somewhat like the Yeti and will flee often if it cannot get to the player. It also shares its call with the Yeti. The bear is also featured on the Dinosaur Call in Carnivores: Ice Age. The bear kills the player the same way the Smilodon does by biting the player's right arm and smashing him on the ground.

External links Edit

  • Bear on The Carnivores Atlas

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