What's going on! Did you know that the Allosaurus in Carnivores is actually an Australovenator? These are the reason's why:

  • A real Allosaurus is as big as a Carnotaurus in the game and the Australovenator is as big as the Allosaurus
  • An Allosaurus has pointy humps over its eyes
  • In the game, Allosaurus swims fast in water - in real life, it would probably have just drowned
  • An Allosaurus is five meters tall
  • An Allosaurus is bigger than a Stegosaurus in real life (in the game, Stegosaurus is the biggest Ornithischian, or bird-hipped, dinosaur in the game).

I am a dinosaur expert, so if you want to see and more interesting pages from me, let me know in the comments.

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