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An ambient animal or non-pointable animal (often shortened to "ambient") is any animal which cannot be selected to hunt in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, Carnivores Ice Age, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, or Carnivores: Ice Age. All ambient animals prior to the Titanis and Iguanodon did not provide credits on being downed and could not harm the hunter, though the scrapped poacher would have been able to shoot the hunter.

Moschops, Gallimimus, and Dimorphodon are the ambients featured in Carnivores, Carnivores 2, and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter; the latter two games also feature Pteranodon, Dimetrodon, and Brachiosaurus, and Dinosaur Hunter additionally features the Iguanodon. Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age feature the pig and Archaeopteryx, and the original PC version features a poacher that was ultimately scrapped and is not available in-game; the mobile version additionally features the Titanis.

While it doesn't feature the same relationship between ambient and pointable animals, Carnivores Cityscape does feature the Alphadon, Tylosaurus, and Tapejara, none of which will harm the Agent.

Unlike pointable animals, the number of different ambient animals on a map is potentially infinite, because the engine always spawns new ambient animals to replace ones which are killed or exit the rendered area, though there can only be up to about 60 ambient animals spawned at one time.

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