Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD achievements

Some achievements from Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

Achievements are tasks that can be completed in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD.

List Edit

Name Objective
Alive Withstand 10 waves in Survive mode.
Amateur Earn 500 points in Hunt mode.
Animal Activist Shoot a dinosaur with a tranquilizer.
Archaeologist Discover an archaeology outpost on Delphaeus Hills.
Collector Shoot at least one dinosaur of each type.
Expert Score 2,000 points in Hunt mode.
Explorer Hunt on each area.
First Blood Shoot a dinosaur for the first time in Hunt mode.
Hunter Shoot a carnivore for the first time in Hunt mode.
Last Second Save Shoot a carnivore in Hunt mode just before it kills you.
Madman Shoot a Tyrannosaurus without any helpers.
Marathoner Accumulate 42 km of traveled path.
Ornithologist Shoot a flying dinosaur in Hunt mode.
Poacher Completely fill the trophy room.
 Scientist Read the Help.
 Sharpshooter Shoot two dinosaurs in 20 seconds in Hunt mode.
 Sniper Finish the Hunt with 100% accuracy.
Survived Withstand 20 waves in Survive mode.
 Swimmer Swim 100 meters.
 T-Rex Hunter Shoot a T-Rex for the first time.
 To The Bitter End Shoot a dinosaur with your last bullet in Hunt mode.
 Total Annihilation Shoot all target dinosaurs on the map in Hunt mode.
William Tell Shoot a T-Rex using a crossbow (X-bow)

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