3DN is a slightly simplified version of the 3DF and CAR file formats from the Action Forms-developed Carnivores games, used in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. Specifically, the 3DN files swap the order of faces and vertices, so that vertices are stored first, and the files store only the model; the texture, animations, and sounds are stored elsewhere. These files are located in \models.

Format Edit

// header

long - Number of vertices
long - Number of faces
long - Number of bones

byte(32) - Image name

// for each vertex (16 bytes)

float - X coordinate
float - Y coordinate
float - Z coordinate
short - owner, bone to which vertex is attached
short - unknown

// for each face (64 bytes)

long - vertex 1
long - vertex 2
long - vertex 3
short(6) - texture vertex coordinates
long - unknown (always null?) (possibly the place for flags and DMask in CAR/3DF files)
long - unknown (Distant?)
long - Next?
long - unknown (group? usually null but sometimes has low values)
byte(12) - unknown, but probably reserved (always null)

// for each bone (48 bytes)

byte(32) - Name
float - X coordinate
float - Y coordinate
float - Z coordinate
short - index to the "parent" bone, -1 if there is no parent
short - boolean visibility of bone (normally false)

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